June 24, 2020

Episode 43: Fly Above (Kandi Buruss) with Special Guests B (@PETSHOPBOY) from THE B LIST podcast and Jake and Matt from the 90 Day Gays podcast! Plus, my parents, @ohnobravo's "blocked by jax on twitter" contest, my Loverboy review and the

Episode 43: Fly Above (Kandi Buruss) with Special Guests B (@PETSHOPBOY) from THE B LIST podcast and Jake and Matt from the 90 Day Gays podcast! Plus, my parents, @ohnobravo's


Spend your quarantine time with me and my special guest B aka Petshopboy (Insta: @petshopboy) from the podcast The B List with Petshopboy. We go deep on RHONY AND RHOBH housewives, talk about his brilliant storytelling on Instagram with stories and life in this current political climate. Great conversation from a great man. That's not all! We are just getting warmed up per usual. We have Jake Anthony and Matt Marr from the hit podcast 90 Day Gays (@90daygays). We cover every iteration of TLC's 90 Day Fiance franchise. There's singing, there's laughing and maybe even a little crying! COME AT US, Y'ALL! Plus so much more. Bill and Becky Bailey, my parents, join us as i share with them the sex of Stassi's baby! YES STASSI DID A GENDER REVEAL!, Finally, @ohnobravo Chelsea comes on to reveal the Final Four in her "how did you get block by Jax" competition!! Remember to vote today! JAX THE VOTE! We got a lot of other things peppered in this one including a lyric breakdown of Kandi Buruss's hit single FLY ABOVE. I revisit my new favorite video of Garth Brooks, review Loverboy Spritz, yes the one from Summer House and we deep dive the life of Denise Richards husband, the man of mystery Aaron Phyper. Also, So Bad It's Good has its first collaboration with Gold Half Moon company (INSTA @goldhalfmoonco). GO CHECK THESE SHIRTS OUT ALL PROCEEDS GO TO BLACK LIVES MATTERS charities! Listen, subscribe, rate and review, tell friends and let me come live (social distancing) with you!! Also, next we will be way goofier and i have some amazing guests and we will be diving into Aaron's from RHOBH. WHAT IS HIS STORY??? Lets find out together shall we?

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:29- Rise Above- Kandi Buruss- show notes 

10:10-Bill and Becky Bailey, my parents 

21:00-Jax and Stassi discussion

32:35-Chelsea from @ohnobravo's BLOCKED BY JAX ON TWITTER FINAL FOUR!!

52:10-Rise Above by Kandi Buruss LYRIC BREAKDOWN!!

1:04:45- Loverboy Spritz review (Carl from Summer House's drink!)

1:14:27- B aka Petshopboy from The B List (insta: @petshopboy)

2:15:20-The Secret Life of Aaron Phypers, Denise Richard's husband!


2:44:45-90 Day Gays Jake and Matt!! (insta: @90daygays)

3:54:30-Cant Buy Me Love scene and Pete Yorn's song Strange Condition

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